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ensite solution is pleased to do business with companies like yours to elevate successful customer care relationships.
Speaking of that here are some of previous works by ensite solution

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Are you already start thinking how your site should look
Just let us share your imagination and bring it down to reality.


Web Development

We create profetional loking responsive website (custom design and CMS) with resonable price.

Mobile Apps

We create mobile application optimized for your business and daily use on a variety of platforms.

Social Media bot

We create social media bots that can improve customer relationships for your business.

Graphics Design

We design the right graphical contents for the digital world that fits for your business.

Call To Action

Planing to have web or app in your business, You are in the right place !!!


It is not that expensive to have one at ensite. Click the button and write us
what are your plans for the new project.

Waste no time to contact, we will instantly reply you for further comunication.

About Us

We are a team of developers, designers and business minded mainly engaged in deliving state of the art tech solutions for our clients


" What really turned this company over was, the tremendous benefits businesses got through webs, apps and the digital world at all. We believe that, it will work so well for you too. "


Delovepers and Designers

In this rapidly changing world, technology is the hardest to catch up.
But we are always striving to follow up on what is new. So then we can deliver the optimum results to our clients.

Acadamical backgrounds and International Certefications

  • Computer science Bsc
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Bsc
  • Hardware and Networking
  • Michigan, Duke Cetrificates

Why us

In this tech area ther are wide number of developers and designers and you may wonder Whay to chose Ensite solution.

  • 01In time delivery

    There is a lot of competition in the technology sector, if your product is not deliver in time it will be a big problem for your business

  • since technology products are expensive you might wonder how much will a web or an app coast me. but don't worry we deliver best product in your budget

  • since you might not be familiar with the technology , we give you support and training for your company


Our best skills in %

here are some programming language and frameworks that we can handle

HTML css & js 100%
Android java 95%
python Django & Flask85%
Photoshop & illustrator 55%


Here are some of our team members

Henok Ayele


BSC in Computer Science

Berhanu Dangnew

Programer & Algorithm Engineer

BSC in Computer Science & Certified Google Developer

Melaku Demeke


BSC Electrical & computer Engineering

Yeabsira Yiketel


BSC in Software Engineering

Diploma in Hardware and Networking Services



BSC in Software Engineering

BSC in Computer Science

BSC Electrical & computer Engineering


Pick a plan that fits your budget and goals. All plans offer a full money back guarantee. We also provide discount program for those who decide to upgrade from one to the other program.

Brochure site

15ሺETBProduct or Service promoting site simply done.

  • 5 pages
  • 1 Web mailsetup
  • 10 days active support
  • 1 Hours staff training
  • social media integration with 4 platforms
  • SEO with major search engines
  • News or Blog posting page
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Dynamic Web Systems

90ሺ+ ETB
Your company may really need one of this systems or a combnation of them to increase productivity with less effort.

  • ERP or CRM systems
  • E-commerce Sites
  • Inventory manegment systems
  • Online learning systems
  • Extended staff training
  • Extended active support
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Pricing may scale up or down between the ranges as we gave it in the above section due to your business behaviors and needs. However, we did not state pricing plans for social medias Bots and Mobile application but if you think you need one for your businnes it is not hard to estimate the budget depending on your requirments just contact us.


So just tell usi about you and how would you like to see your web site. Feel free to contact us and we will write you back a brief summary of cost, time and budget needed for your project “For Free”.


Addis Abeba, Ethiopia






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